Surapsari mastered a wide range of Balinese dance in both male
and female styles. She received training from highly praised teachers
such as Ni Wayan Sekariani and I Dewa Nyoman Irawan. Her
extensive dance repertoire includes
Gambuh (the 500 year old dance
theater), classic court dances, ancient ritual dances, mask dances,
modern creations and dance-dramas.  Surapsari is also a published
author and teaches classes on Balinese performing arts and culture.
She is a member of the Florida Teaching Artist Association and offers
arts integrated lessons for K-12 students. She holds a Master’s
degree in intercultural relations from Lesley University in
Massachusetts, USA.  
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Indra received a Master’s degree in interdisciplinary study from
Lesley University. A great deal of his academic work was      
conducted in Bali and centered on ethnographic studies, myth,
Jungian psychology and Balinese dance in practice and theory. He
studied with renowned masters of
Topeng (mask dance), including
legendary I Made Djimat.  He also studied Balinese dance-rituals  
with IdaBagus Alit, an internationally recognized dancer-priest.  
Purnama Sari (meaning "essence of full moon" in Indonesian) was founded by Surapsari and Indra of Florida, USA. Surapsari and Indra, also long time
residents of Bali, studied traditional Balinese temple dance and theater with internationally acclaimed masters from the villages of Ubud and Batuan, the
arts and cultural centers of Bali. Since its inception in 2000, Purnama Sari has been performing and teaching internationally.

For the Balinese, the full moon is a source of mystical power that helps the divinities to descend to our physical world. Purnama Sari respects their view
and presents dance performances in this spirit.
such a work and in doing so take us on a cultural tour.”
 Susan Slack
                                                                                                                                        Executive Director
                                                                                                                                        Open Circle Players, Florida, USA