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Javanese Dance

Classic Javanese dance has been in existence for centuries.  It
developed under the influence of religion, arts, and philosophy of
India, China, South Eastern Asia, and native Javanese culture.  
Articulated hand and finger positions (mudra) are traced back to
Indian dance, while slow weight shift is similar to Tai Chi from
China.  Meditative quality of the dance is attributed to Hinduism
and Buddhism.  The animistic nature of indigenous Javanese
religion is reflected in the dance as the dancer’s movement flows
like a river or clouds over the sky.  Javanese dance evolved to the
high art under the protection of the mighty courts, mainly Kraton
Yogyakarta and Kraton Surakarta.  Certain qualities such as
refinement, grace, dignity, and self-discipline were valued among
royalty and persued through dance.  In Javanese dance, the
dancer aims to maintain full control over any desire to “take off” or
express a personal state.  

Surapsari has studied Yogyakarata style Javanese dance with
Sasminto Mardowo and Dyah Kustianti, internationally recognized
master teachers, from Yogyakarata, Java.  Surapsari's past
training in Gambuh, the classic Balinese court dance, enabled her
to find a thread that unites movements of Balinese and Javanese
dances, although they seem to possess very different qualities of
tranquility and dynamics.  Surapsari considers Javanese dance as
movement meditation, where the dancer's self-consciousness
dissolves into oneness through the ecstatic but highly disciplined

Surapsari performs Javanese dance and teaches Javanese dance
and Javanese Mysticism class at various venues. Please send
email to info@purnamasaribali.com for the information on
Surapsari's performance and class.