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Surapsari is an accomplished Balinese dancer, teacher on Balinese dance, religion and culture, and certified yoga
instructor.  Surapsari, a long time resident of Bali, studied Balinese temple dance with internationally acclaimed
masters from the villages of Ubud and Batuan.  The intense dance training she received invited her to search for the
spiritual dimension of Balinese dance, which culminated into the extensive study on Balinese cosmology.  She
received an initiation ceremony (mawinten) and spiritual name, Surapsari from Ida Pedanda Temuku, a high priest in
Tampaksiring, Bali.  Surapsari co-founded a Balinese dance company, Purnama Sari in 2000 and has been
performing and teaching Balinese mysticism in the U.S. and Bali.  She holds a Master’s degree in intercultural
relations from Lesley University in the U.S. and published “My Bali – memories of the Island of the Gods”, a collection
of essays on Balinese dance, culture, and religion in 2005.  Surapsari is a certified alignment based yoga instructor
and is registered through the Yoga Alliance at the 200 hour professional level.  
Please call 941-320-9666 or send email to info@purnamasaribali.com to book a class.
Yoga & Balinese Mysticism Class

This class explores the Balinese Hindu philosophy with yoga asana,
prayer, mudra, mantra, storytelling, and meditation.  The participants will
learn about key concepts of Balinese mysticism such as
Rwa Bhineda (the
balance between two opposite forces),
Sekala/Niskala (material/spiritual
worlds), and
Buana Alit/Buana Agung (micro/macrocosmos), while
practicing asanas that express each teaching.  Other spiritual practices
are also introduced to enhance the learning.  The goal of this class is to
lead the participants into a greater understanding of “harmonious life”,
which is the thesis of Balinese Hindu philosophy.